Doc Phumzile Malindi

"Nothing is impossible to those who believe"

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Who am I

God's offspring, joint heir with Christ

Born on the 4th of October: applied scientist (technologist) by education, a teacher by calling and an academic by proffession.


Acquire knowledge to get empowered

What life has taught me is that if you focus on what you want,no mountain will ever be too high, nor river too wide for you to realise your dreams. Life does not owe you anything, but you owe it to yourself to be something in life ...


Sharing knowledge empowers others 

Whatever, you know today is because someone out there, dared to share what he/she knows or knew, and now it is our turn for you and I to do the same ...

Biblical Truth

Get wisdom to control

Wisdom does not come from memorising bible verses, but by being able to interprete what the scripture really says. Thou shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free ...